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Heather Pierson
Between Lives
Category:  New Age

Between Lives
(10) Tracks
1.)  Between Lives ( real audio )
2.)  Moontrance
3.)  Prior Commitment
4.)  Maelstrom
5.)  Walking With Clara
6.)  Beyond Reach
7.)  Strange Flow
8.)  Stance
9.)  Snowflower
10.)  Avery's Lullaby
CD  In Stock And Ready To Ship $14.99

Record Label: Vessel Recordings

From The Artist:
One summer, Alfred described to me a body of musical ideas that he, as he put it, "needed help with." A series of meetings at OneHeart studio soon began, and in the months that followed my original role as a supporter quickly transformed into that of equal partner in the creative process. Each song that you hear was co-created in every sense of the word - the result of a true collaboration. Every note, phrase and silent moment has been placed with great care and intention. The hope that I brought and continue to bring to the creation and release of this recoding is that you may be moved, both in body and in soul, to experience the very magic I have tried to describe. -Heather For me this CD began with the building of the drums and percussion instruments used in the recordings - drums made with moose and deer hide, shakers made from gallon syrup jugs and tobacco cans. While this narrowed my sonic pallet somewhat, it helped me develop a consistent and unique sound. I hope you like it? -Alfred backroadsmusic.com
© 2003 Heather Pierson
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